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Moody's Nickel Coffee Page
If you don't remember getting a cup of coffee for a nickel, you probably won't be too interested, but you're welcome to look around anyway! On the other hand, you may have been referred here from another source, such as a letter from me. If so, please help me out. coffeecup2.jpg
The main reason for this website is to help me write a history of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. The agency has a compelling story and tradition, but its richness is due to the quality and variety of people who have worked there. I am Thomas M. "Tommy" Moody. I was gainfully employed by the
Department of Game and Fish from 1970 through 1996, as a sworn officer in the Southwest, Northwest, and Southeast Areas and in the Fisheries and Law Enforcement Divisions. But there is more to the story... my father, E.Tom Moody, also retired from the outfit after 33 years of service. So I grew up in the Game Department and had the privilege of knowing many of the subjects of this history. It is with great appreciation and the deepest respect for those people that I undertake this project.