Remember I mentioned that Chief Jim Peckumn designed the new badge?
It so happens that former Officer Fred Turner has the original sketch, with the Chief's initials, that Jim produced for the design. Fred was good enough to send me a scan of that sketch and I proudly present it here. By the way, 12 was Chief Peckumn's badge number.
In the early 1950's, in recognition of the monumental contributions and support given to the game wardens by their wives, an honorary badge was produced for presentation to the wives. (Don't forget we're talking about the 1950's... all the game wardens were men at that time.)
This badge was identical to the officer's badges except it was about an inch and a half tall and had "HONORARY" inscribed on the top banner.
This particular photo is one of the original honorary
badges, the one given to my mother. No telling how
many of these are left.
A badge of the circle/star design was produced and
issued in 2003, the centennial anniversary of the
Department of Game and Fish. It was identical to
the 1903 Deputy Game Warden except for the embellish-
ments shown here. The center of the star includes the
bearhead medallion like the "new" badge. The medallion
is encircled with the words "1903 Centennial 2003" and
there is a badge number at the base of the top point.
This badge was worn by the officers only in 2003.
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